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First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, Beijing Railway General Hospital, Hainan provincial Dermatology Hospital, Qingdao Municipal Hospital, Tianjin Children's Hospital, Sichuan Dermatology Hospital etc.

Lubricating oils

Zhanjiang Shell Lexus lubricants Ltd., China the Great Wall lubricating oil ( Fuchs group shanghai ) Co. Ltd., Dalian seven star Lubricating Oil Co. Ltd., Sinopec Maoming Nanhei Lube Oil Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Shell Petrochemical Co. Ltd.

Daily chemicals / Chemicals

Shijiazhuang Baofeng Chemical Co., Ltd., Hebei Weiyuan biochemical Limited by Share Ltd, Shandong Huayang Pesticide Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

Huayi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Jinling pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, North China Pharmaceutical Group, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group, 39 enterprises, Mabel pharmaceutical, Baoding 39 people health pharmaceutical company limited, Inner Mongolia Datang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Kunming Beck Norton Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Shanxi Shenquan Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Tianjin Pacific Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Shandong Fangming pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, Harbin Group Limited by Share Ltd, Kunming dihon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tonghua Jinma Pharmaceutical Group, Dong'e E-Jiao group, Henan Topfond pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, Kunming torch Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Etc.


Beijing City, Shunyi pesticide factory, Chongqing Shuangfeng pesticide Co. Ltd., Tianjin Beijing, Gansu pesticide factory in Gansu Shandong pesticide factory, plant protection station etc.


Beijing Hongli source limited liability company, Shenyang amore Cosmetics Co. Ltd., Henkel Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and Tianjin orient Natural Cosmetics Co. Ltd., Beijing Paris Lanxi Cosmetics Co. Ltd.


Sichuan Bao Bee Products Co. Ltd., Hunan Mingyuan apiculture Co. Ltd., Jiangxi huazhiyuan bee


Beijing fumanmen Food Co. Ltd., Beijing Wujijing factory etc.

Electronic products

Beijing Matsushita Electronics Co., Ltd.

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